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This leader toolkit is provided to help clergy build a culture of life in their parishes by integrating Respect Life themes throughout the year. The provided resources, ideas, and activities are only suggestions. We encourage you to adapt them as necessary for your parish community. Feel free to get creative as you build "an authentic civilization of truth and love" (Evangelium vitae, 6).

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Check out our Action Guides for additional ideas and step-by-step instructions for highlighting Respect Life themes year-round!

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Consider hanging the Respect Life poster in a prominent place in your parish. The poster focuses on our call radical solidarity with mothers and their children. The prayer card features an image of meeting of Mary and Elizabeth at the Visitation and a "Prayer for Radical Solidarity."



Respect Life Month

Bullet points help homilists to weave the Gospel of Life into their message in a compelling way and highlight Catholics' call to radical solidarity.​

Homily Helps

The Church's Commitment to Mothers in Need

These homily considerations are designed to help priests and deacons address the important, sensitive topic of abortion with clarity and authentic compassion that affirms the dignity both of women and of their children.


Informed by the research, “Building Catholic Faith and Support for Life” by Heart and Mind Strategies, short bullet points help homilists to weave the Gospel of Life into their message in a compelling way.​

Homily Considerations.png

Healing After Abortion

By the age of 45, as many as 1 in 3 women have had an abortion, and a similar number of men and family members have been involved. Because of this, some members of the clergy are hesitant to preach about Respect Life topics, particularly abortion. 

However, the merciful words of a priest or deacon can be a pivotal moment in the healing process. Many inaccurately believe that abortion is “the unforgivable sin.” They may be longing to hear that God desires to forgive every sin of those who are sorry, even the sin of abortion.

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This short reflection unpacks the theme of radical solidarity, highlighting how Catholics are called to put their love for others into action.


You can use the reflection to help inspire a homily highlighting Respect Life topics at any time of year. ​The reflection could also be used as the basis for a talk for parishioners or a weekly "Pastor's Corner" in the bulletin.



Prayer is the basis of all our efforts to build a culture of life. The provided intercessions are appropriate for use during Mass in the Prayer of the Faithful. Several of these intentions can be used throughout the year. 

These intercessions could also be included in lists of prayer intentions published in the bulletin. Or, if you have a regular Holy Hour or parish Rosary, consider including them among the opening or closing prayers.

Children Praying
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" our daily prayer as individuals and as a community, praise and bless God our Father, who knitted us together in our mother's womb..."

Evangelium vitae, 84

That the life of every person,
from conception to natural death,
will be protected in our laws
and cherished in our hearts;
We pray to the Lord:  

For women and men suffering after abortion:
May the Church’s abortion healing ministry,

Project Rachel, help them find peace and healing
through Christ’s endless mercy;
We pray to the Lord:


For those nearing the end of life:
May they receive care that respects their dignity
and protects their lives

as they place their hope
in the promise of eternal life;
We pray to the Lord:


May God grant us the wisdom and courage
to lovingly protect His gift of human life
at every stage, in sickness and in health;
We pray to the Lord:

Looking for more intercessions to use in your parish year-round?


Check out our series of Action Guides, which each include additional intercessions that are connected to annual observances and liturgical feasts. You can also subscribe to our monthly parish liturgical resource, Word of Life.



Bulletin boxes are summaries of longer articles that are perfect for including in your weekly parish bulletin or other regular newsletters. They are perfect for use when space is at a premium! (Each bulletin box also includes a web address for those who would like to read the full article.)

Consider featuring a different bulletin box in the bulletin each month. You can also mention the Respect Life topic highlighted in the bulletin during your homily. These article summaries cover a wide range of Respect Life topics, and many are pastorally focused.

The bulletin boxes are available in English and Spanish.


These and many other graphics are available for use throughout your parish. Feature them in bulletins, newsletters, monitor displays, and more! 

Models used for illustrative purposes only. Photos courtesy of Excerpts from Evangelium vitae © 1995, Libreria Editrice Vaticana. Used with permission. All rights reserved. 

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