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This leaders’ kit is provided to help Catholic educators build a culture of life in their classroom throughout the year, whenever Respect Life themes best fit into their specific curriculum. The provided resources, ideas, and activities are only suggestions. We encourage teachers to adapt them as necessary to an age-appropriate level. Feel free to get creative as you build "an authentic civilization of truth and love" (Evangelium vitae, 6) in your classroom!

Check out our Action Guides for additional ideas and step-by-step instructions for highlighting Respect Life themes year-round!

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Consider hanging the Respect Life poster in your classroom or school and use it to introduce the Church's teaching on the dignity of the human person through the witness of St Joseph. 

Incorporate the prayer to St. Joseph in your daily classroom prayers and send a copy home with students to pray with their families.

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This activity invites students to create their own Respect Life poster to help them reflect on Respect Life themes.


Each student receives a poster template with an empty bulletin board. They are then instructed to fill the bulletin board with images and/or words that represent respect for life from the beginning of life to its end.


For younger students, they can be asked to color, draw pictures, or write about what reminds them of God’s presence in every season of life. Older students can be asked to bring in items and photos that represent Respect Life themes and attach them to their bulletin board. Or, bring in an old stack of magazines and have students cut out words and photos. They can also write their own prayer intentions on their bulletin board.

Raising Hands

*This activity can also be completed as a group. Check out our Respect Life Month Action Guide for instructions for a parish setting, and adapt it for use in your classroom or school any time of year. 


Blank poster template with instructions available as PDF in English and Spanish.


Graphics are available in a number of formats and sizes. Use them on student worksheets, in presentations (for students, parents or teachers), and flyers for Respect Life school events.

Check out our full image gallery to view and download.



The Respect Life reflection explores St. Joseph's role as defender of life. You can use the reflection to help inspire a lesson introducing Respect Life topics throughout the year. 

The reflection could also be read aloud as a class to open a larger discussion. Or, it could also be used as a writing prompt. For example, older students could be asked to reflect on what they read and respond with a short essay on how St. Joseph protected God's gift of life in his care of Mary and Jesus. Younger students might be asked to think about the challenges St. Joseph may have faced and the virtues he displayed, and share it with the class.

View and download the reflection as a PDF or Word document.



Prayer is the basis of all our efforts to build a culture of life. The provided intercessions are appropriate for use during Mass in the Prayer of the Faithful. Consider using them during a Respect Life Mass with your school community.

If you open your classes in prayer, incorporate one or more of the intercessions, and invite students to add their own prayer intentions related to the sanctity of human life. Perhaps you could send home weekly or monthly prayer intentions for families to pray for at home. Select one of the following intercessions and encourage students to pray for the intention with their parents.

Children Praying

For all Catholics:
That on this Respect Life Sunday
our resolve may be strengthened
to uphold the dignity
of every human life;
We pray to the Lord:


That during this Respect Life Month
our resolve will be strengthened

to cherish and protect
the gift of every human life;
We pray to the Lord:

"...in our daily prayer as individuals and as a community, praise and bless God our Father, who knitted us together in our mother's womb..."

Evangelium vitae, 84

That the life of every person,
from conception to natural death,
will be protected in our laws
and cherished in our hearts;
We pray to the Lord: 


For women and men suffering after abortion:
May the Church’s abortion healing ministry,

Project Rachel, help them find peace and healing
through Christ’s endless mercy;
We pray to the Lord:


For those nearing the end of life:
May they receive care that respects their dignity
and protects their lives

as they place their hope
in the promise of eternal life;
We pray to the Lord:


May God grant us the wisdom and courage
to lovingly protect His gift of human life
at every stage, in sickness and in health;
We pray to the Lord:

Looking for more intercessions to incorporate in your classroom year-round?


Check out our series of Action Guides, which each include additional intercessions that are connected to annual observances and liturgical feasts.


Homily notes are provided to help priests and deacons illustrate the Gospel of Life and explore Respect Life themes through the witness of St. Joseph.


If you are planning a Respect Life Mass at your school, share these homily notes with your priest. 

You can also use the provided homily notes to help make Respect Life connections in your classroom.


Find additional homily notes for various occasions throughout the year in our Action Guides.


Find the list of titles under the "Articles" tab in the menu at the top of the page.

Our library of Respect Life articles are especially helpful as educational tools for higher grade levels. Each article is available as a webpage or can be downloaded and printed. The articles can be used to integrate Catholic moral teaching into a variety of academic topics: religion, social studies, science, health, etc. 


Models used for illustrative purposes only. Photos courtesy of Wix.com. Excerpts from Evangelium vitae © 1995, Libreria Editrice Vaticana. Used with permission. All rights reserved.