Building a culture that cherishes

and protects every human life.

Respect Life Materials

New materials are now available to help you promote the Gospel of Life. New resources include the 2022-23 Respect Life poster, reflection, prayer card, flyer, bulletin inserts and more!

Dobbs Parish Leader Kit

The Dobbs Parish Leader Kit is a special edition of the Word of Life that provides resources to help leaders respond to the Dobbs Supreme Court decision.


The toolkit contains resources including intercessions for the Prayer of the Faithful, links to prayers and educational resources, online resources, and quotes and graphics for bulletins, newsletters, websites, and social media.

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Sign up: Respect Life Prayer and Action

When you sign up for Respect Life Prayer and Action, you will receive:

  • prayers

  • action alerts to contact Congress and government leaders

  • service opportunities for at-risk women

  • and more

to help protect the innocent against attacks on human life.


Join thousands of Catholics as we seek to transform our culture. Together, we are powerful!

Help women in your community choose life.
Parish Webinar:
Respect Life Month

This introductory overview gives easy ideas for celebrating Respect Life Month in your parish in October.


USCCB staff walk through the 2022 Respect Life materials, as well as the perennial Respect Life Month Action Guide.