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Pray for Life Archive

This page makes accessible past Pray for Life issues from the USCCB Pro-Life Secretariat.

2021 Pray for Life issues

January 2021

In this New Year, may we understand more deeply the difficulties of mothers in need and respond with increased care and support. (Full Prayer Guide and Graphics)

2020 Pray for Life issues


December 2020

May the advent of the infant Jesus bring expectant mothers joy, hope, and peace.
(Full Prayer Guide and Graphics)

November 2020

May each expectant mother making an adoption plan receive support and care of the Christian community as she makes a loving choice for her child. (Full Prayer Guide and Graphics)

October 2020

May mothers in need experience Christ's loving care as we seek to live out His Gospel of life. (Full Prayer Guide and Graphics)

September 2020

May mothers receive help and support as they pursue their educational goals. (Full Prayer Guide and Graphics)

August 2020

May mothers and their children have access to quality, life-affirming medical care. (English | Spanish)

July 2020

May mothers receive ongoing care and support in raising their children. (English | Spanish)

June 2020

May expectant mothers be supported by the fathers of their children in welcoming new life. (English | Spanish)

May 2020

May our Blessed Mother draw women facing unexpected or challenging pregnancies close to her heart. (English | Spanish)

April 2020

May our merciful Lord calm the fears of all expectant mothers, fill them with His peace, and provide for every need. (English | Spanish)

March 2020

May The Gospel of Life’s 25th anniversary spark widespread zeal for serving expectant mothers facing difficult circumstances. (English | Spanish)

February 2020

May Catholic parish communities strive to provide compassionate, tangible support to expectant moms needing assistance. (English | Spanish)

January 2020

May women considering abortion receive life-affirming care and support to help them choose life for their children. (English | Spanish)

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