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Father's Day Activity

Sample Activity

A Spiritual Bouquet with St. Joseph, Patron of Fathers 

Invite others to join using these sample announcements and graphics!

Father’s Day provides a beautiful opportunity to pray for and honor fathers. However, it can also be a difficult holiday for some, such as those who have lost their own father, those who have lost a child, and those who are struggling to have a child. 


This activity seeks to lift up the many intentions brought to our hearts by the observance of Father’s Day, entrusting them to the intercession of St. Joseph, Patron of Fathers. It also provides a way to honor St. Joseph for his own example of embracing the call to fatherhood amid difficult circumstances. Despite all obstacles, he was faithful, welcoming the life of the Christ Child and offering care and protection to both Mary and Jesus.

On the weekend of Father’s Day (June 20-21), parishioners are invited to write a prayer intention on a slip of paper and place it, along with a flower or some other type of gift, beneath a statue, icon, or image of St. Joseph. (If you don’t have one, you could look for an image online to print or temporarily display on a screen.)


When the activity is complete, you will have a spiritual and physical “bouquet” of prayer intentions and gifts serving as a visual reminder of the powerful intercession and protection of St. Joseph.


While the following directions describe completing this activity within the home, this can be easily adapted for use in other scenarios. Assess what works best for your circumstances and make adaptations or changes as needed!


  • *Flowers, greenery, or some other type of small gift like flowers, hearts cut out of colored construction paper, or even a favorite food

  • Small note cards or slips of paper

  • Pens, crayons, or markers

  • Small basket or other container to hold the prayer intentions (Optional: If doing this activity within a family setting, a father could supervise his child/ren in making a homemade keepsake box for this purpose.)

  • Vase of water (if using fresh flowers or greenery) or other container to hold gifts

  • **Statue, icon, or image of St. Joseph

  • Copies of the June issue of Pray for Life or a prayer seeking St. Joseph's intercession, such as the Prayer to St. Joseph after the Rosary or a Litany of St. Joseph.

*This activity can also be completed without flowers or any other type of gift. Simply place your written intentions in a basket before the designated statue or image of St. Joseph. Or, you could draw a flower, candle, or some other image next to your prayer intention on the paper. 

**If you don’t have any of these in your home, find an image online to print or display on a computer or other type of screen.


  1. Gather your materials. Look around your own yard for flowers or greenery that might be available. If constructing a homemade box, do so a day or so ahead of time. 

  2. Set up a small table for your spiritual bouquet. Place on the table your statue or image of St. Joseph with a small basket, homemade keepsake box, or other container for prayer intentions and a vase with water or other receptacle for your little gifts. Have writing utensils and a hard surface to write on available nearby.

  3. Pre-cut notecards or small slips of paper. 

  4. Invite household members to participate in the spiritual bouquet. Participants can write down on the notecards or slips of paper what they would like to ask St. Joseph to intercede for. They can then be invited to place their prayer intentions in the basket, as well as to place their flowers or other gifts in the vase or other receptacle in honor of St. Joseph.

  5. When all participants have presented their prayer intentions and gifts to St. Joseph, offer a prayer of your choosing for your own intentions and for all fathers—especially those who are reluctant to offer loving, life-affirming support to the mothers of their unborn children. Some options are this Litany of St. Joseph or the Rosary, followed by the Prayer to St. Joseph after the Rosary. You could also take it a step further and go through the June issue of Pray for Life.  

  6. Encourage family members to pray throughout the week for all the intercessions placed under the care of St. Joseph. 

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